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  2. This is done for all of us to like,love and live.

  3. You meet a girl.

  4. You start moving with her everywhere.

  5. You start liking her company.

  6. Slowly and gradually you start falling in love with her.

  7. You take to her all places.

  8. Then you get married and start living her until death depart.

  9. You are born in this world to like,love and live and not like,love with a motive and then LEAVE.

  10. A lover took his love a park in the evening.

  11. It was a full moon day.

  12. The moon was shining brightly.

  13. When he was discussing he told her that He would love her as long as  the moon and the stars shine.

  14. She took it very happily but she came to know on the next day when he went to the park with another girl.This is life.So do not fall for the words.

How to proceed?

  • First ,go and learn everything about:

  • What is a domain?

  • Why do you buy that domain?

  • Is it worth buying a domain?

  • Who all sell the domain?

  • Is there any special offer ?

  • to attract someone to a particular place or activity 

  • by offeringsomething pleasant

  •  or advantageous:

  • example: offering a domain value Rs.699 for Rs.399 if you buy a domain for two years at a stretch,

  • offering a domain for Rs.49 for the first year and the renewal next year will be 15 times more for renewal.

  • Let the buyer BEWARE is the principle,you have to follow ,why?

  • this blog for that purpose only, ‘HELP IS WITHIN YOU”

  • .Search and find which Domain seller is really interested in the long term relation with you.

  • Because these DAYS are for” DISPOSABLES.

  • “use it throw it.” creating problems for trash and spoiling the ENVIRONMENT and helping the doctors to earn a a living.see and watch


  • “Sell in any way, forget the buyer,money has come in the tills.”

  • This is the principle followed by some.

  • “Learn first all about the domains , and visit all the domain sellers sites, keep your eyes open  or include your name for Alerts and for mails regarding those offers to buy  and benefit but again BEWARE before you buy.

  • Think pros and cons before buying and do not repent later.

  • Ask yourself”IS IT NECESSARY?

  • “learn in order to teach and guide others too.”

  • watch this Blogpost for reference.


  • Blessings and best wishes for a bright future.

God is Great

  • God is kind and God is noble.

  • God is full  of mercy,God is compassionate,
  • Where Is He not, He is here, He is there,
  • He is everywhere.
  • He is omniscient, He is omnipresent
  • and Omnipotent
  • . Nothing goes in this world without His knowledge
  • . He is in the Ant, He is in the Elephant,
  • He is in you and He is in me.
  • His ways are strange
  • .He has a reason for everything.
  • Believe in Him, Trust Him.
  • He is your only guide
  • .He never lets you down.
  • If you are, where you are, It is his Work,
  • He made you a man, or woman
  • .He made everything in this world.
  • The stars,planets, rocks and minerals are but His creation
  • .Count your blessings .
  • Thank Him from the bottom of your heart
  • for you are hale and healthy ,safe and sound.
  • You have taken birth as a human being
  • with all faculties in a good working condition
  • .Even the underprivileged ones,
  • He has given them a boon,
  • to do and achieve greater things in the world.
  • The father of Duryodhana , was not able to see.
  • But he could find out from the sound
  • who was coming.
  • Helen Keller is another example.
  • You have many examples.
  • The very recent example is SAHANA 
  • who sings and plays piano excellent.
  • She can even tell the notes when you hit the keys.

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