How to proceed?

  • First ,go and learn everything about:

  • What is a domain?

  • Why do you buy that domain?

  • Is it worth buying a domain?

  • Who all sell the domain?

  • Is there any special offer ?

  • to attract someone to a particular place or activity 

  • by offeringsomething pleasant

  •  or advantageous:

  • example: offering a domain value Rs.699 for Rs.399 if you buy a domain for two years at a stretch,

  • offering a domain for Rs.49 for the first year and the renewal next year will be 15 times more for renewal.

  • Let the buyer BEWARE is the principle,you have to follow ,why?

  • this blog for that purpose only, ‘HELP IS WITHIN YOU”

  • .Search and find which Domain seller is really interested in the long term relation with you.

  • Because these DAYS are for” DISPOSABLES.

  • “use it throw it.” creating problems for trash and spoiling the ENVIRONMENT and helping the doctors to earn a a living.see and watch


  • “Sell in any way, forget the buyer,money has come in the tills.”

  • This is the principle followed by some.

  • “Learn first all about the domains , and visit all the domain sellers sites, keep your eyes open  or include your name for Alerts and for mails regarding those offers to buy  and benefit but again BEWARE before you buy.

  • Think pros and cons before buying and do not repent later.

  • Ask yourself”IS IT NECESSARY?

  • “learn in order to teach and guide others too.”

  • watch this Blogpost for reference.


  • Blessings and best wishes for a bright future.

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