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  2. This is done for all of us to like,love and live.

  3. You meet a girl.

  4. You start moving with her everywhere.

  5. You start liking her company.

  6. Slowly and gradually you start falling in love with her.

  7. You take to her all places.

  8. Then you get married and start living her until death depart.

  9. You are born in this world to like,love and live and not like,love with a motive and then LEAVE.

  10. A lover took his love a park in the evening.

  11. It was a full moon day.

  12. The moon was shining brightly.

  13. When he was discussing he told her that He would love her as long asĀ  the moon and the stars shine.

  14. She took it very happily but she came to know on the next day when he went to the park with another girl.This is life.So do not fall for the words.

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